I’ve had several post ideas over the last few months, but have been swamped with a few major life events. The biggest being relocating across the country a second time in the span of a year and a half. My goal was to find the ‘perfect’ position that would drive my career forward as well as facilitate a move back to the Greater Boston area.

To do this I scheduled as many interviews as possible into a single trip. After screening a number of companies, I had eight interviews scheduled over the course of five business days. It was extremely busy and I lived by the calendar on my phone, but I was able to present myself and get a good feel for each of the different positions. Would I do it again? Probably not. However, I received multiple competitive offers and had to strongly consider where my skills would benefit most.

Most notably, this process has reinforced how being based locally makes it a lot easier to considering and plan a career move. My biggest concern was ensuring that I would be able to consider each offer within a short time frame.

Also, a lot of discussion occurs on the benefits of studying algorithms and puzzles and I’ve previously stated my thoughts. With more time or regular practice I could see some benefit. Most of my focus was on researching each company to learn about the products, how it aligned with the skillsets I currently have and am seeking to develop, and winged the rest of it. Couldn’t have turned out better.